The MRO Process

Initial Collection
The process initially begins shortly after the collection takes place for federally regulated collections. Once the chain of custody is received from the collector, it is recorded into our database and an electronic file of the CCF is generated. The document is carefully reviewed, if an error or omission is recoverable by an affidavit, the MRO Staff will initiate such a request to correct the flaw.

Upon receipt of the data from the lab, all non-negative reports are prepared for further review by the MRO staff. The laboratory copy of the federal chain of custody is obtained along with the MRO copy. These two documents are again reviewed for any errors or omissions.

Database Management
The donor information is entered into our database for contact by the MRO.

Initial Contact
Three or four attempts are made to contact the donor in the first 24 hrs of receipt of the drug test. All attempted contacts are date and time stamped.

MRO Interview
Upon initial contact, the MRO will investigate if a legitimate medical explanation exists. If such an explanation exists the MRO will direct the sample donor to have the prescribing physician or dispensing pharmacy submit proof within 5 business days. If documentation is not received or an explanation is not acceptable, the report is issued to the appropriate DER - Designated Employer Representative. All results reported by IMT as positive will have had a certified MRO personally speak and interview the sample donor unless otherwise noted on the official MRO Report.